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Marc Haldheer and his drums

 Welcome at Texit Music

This is the website of Swiss drummer Marc Halbheer and the label Texit Music.

Marc Halbheer's 5th Edition CD OUT NOW "Confidence in Symmetry"

"Confidence in Symmetry is bold yet nuanced, carefully crafted and free-flowing at once. Whatever mathematical formula Halbheer employs, it works a charm. With this consistently engaging work Halbheer emphatically announces his credentials as an exciting composer of original stamp."

Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

VIDEOS with Marc Halbheer's 5th Edition are online!

Here you find all the Information about our Bands:

Trio Edition
Marc Halbheer's 5th Edition
Eastern Eye feat. Milcho Leviev
Trio Exit

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We will put efforts into promotion & booking to make sure that we find adequate platforms for our music.

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything" (Plato)


2015 July 26 - August 17 Muzenergo Tour Russia

2015 October-November: Recording "Gudimir", our new Russian/Swiss Trio
featuring Maxim Anushkin on "Gusli" (russian zither)

2015 October-November: Recording our new Flamenco-Jazz Trio featuring Miguel Linares (Sp) on Guitar & Dany Noel (Cu) on bass & voc

2015 for concert info please click on Agenda

Booking Contact: belen {at} texitmusic.com

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Texit Music is distributed by Cadiz Music / London

07/03/2016 | Valentin Baumgar... @ CH-Tour
08/03/2016 | Valentin Baumgar... @ CH-Tour
09/03/2016 | Valentin Baumgar... @ CH-Tour
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