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 "Madrid Edition"- Flamenco Jazz

Marc Halbheer / CH (Drums)
Miguel Linares / SP (Guitar)
Yago Salorio / SP (Bass)

Pure Flamenco a in the melting pot of Jazz

Swiss Premiere May 19 2017: Moods Zurich
special guest: Julian Olivares (sp) guitar & tres

What New York means to Jazz, Madrid is for Flamenco.
The Spanish capital became the second home for Swiss drummer Marc Halbheer by marriage to a local. With guitarist Miguel Linares and bassist Yago Salorio he found the ideal partners for his Madrid Edition - a touching listening experience. Their first album will be release in the fall 2017

Madrid Edition - Flamenco Jazz


Celebrating 25 years teaching at Jazz School Lucerne

2017: CD & Video production with Madrid Edition

Fall 2017: CD Release Madrid Edition

Texit Music is honored to present Pepe Habichuela with his Trio on Nov. 17th at Mood in Zurich

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