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 "Madrid Edition"- Flamenco Jazz

Marc Halbheer / CH (Drums)
Miguel Linares / SP (Guitar)
Yago Salorio / SP (Bass)

Pure Flamenco a in the melting pot of Jazz

Madrid Edition - Flamenco Jazz

For the past years Swiss drummer Marc Halbheer lives partly in Madrid, the worlds capital of Flamenco music. Fortunate circumstances soon lead him to meet some of the scenes leading figures and they infected him with the Virus! Together with two of the City�s most experienced musicians he started working on a repertoire. Pure Flamenco tradition flows from Miguel Linares fingers and Madrid based bass player & singer Dany Noel - he has worked with most of the famous Flamenco artists - contributes Cuban flavors. Marc Halbheer�s drumming adds an exceptional touch of Jazz and together they reach an exiting blend and provide a thrilling musical experience to the listener.

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