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 Ambient Groove Artists

About Ambient Groove Artists
by Martin Tillman, 1997

Nine years ago I moved to the United States from my native Switzerland to work as a musician and composer in Los Angeles. Since then I have performed with many artists from around the world on movie soundtracks, concerts and recordings.

I always dreamed of inviting some of those artists to my childhood home in Jolimont, Switzerland. My parents have been organizing music camps at Villa Jolimont for over thirty years, and since the first time I participated at one of those camps, Jolimont has been a place of great inspiration for me.

The intention of this project was to form a group of strong individual musicians who could bring their unique musical talents and cultural backgrounds to an exploration of a larger understanding of musical expression, culminating in the recording of a CD.

Two years ago I started coordinating ideas, musical compositions and the artists who would qualify to the specific expectations of this project. The goal, an instrumental ambient groove album, combining a classical string quartet, a rock band, Indian tablas and exotic percussion.

In the beginning of 1996 it became clear that we found very talented musicians from Switzerland, Norway, the United States, England, Greece and Canada. They have worked with greats like Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Chicago, the Vienna Art Orchestra and many more.

I still remember the first day when everybody arrived at the Zurich Airport, many meeting each other for the first time. That evening in Jolimont, sitting around the big table and having dinner, I knew that something special was about to happen. The next 48 hours were spent on getting the whole house running like a 'real' recording-studio, experimenting, jamming and making the necessary adjustments. We were ready to start.

It was a great process and a very intense time. We shared our ideas on the musical arrangements and performed each others compositions. Almost all day and night the studio was running (thanks to our tireless and very talented engineers, Daniel and Philippe). Some were practicing and composing in their rooms or helping Katherine to prepare dinner. In the middle of the musical adventure you could peak out the windows and see beautiful fields and horses grazing. In only ten days we recorded eleven tracks.

Every piece is different, like looking through a kaleidoscope. A wonderful combination of styles and colors from around the world in the language of music, hence the title of the album, LINGO.

All of this was made possible by Nicolas Lombard of Swiss Radio International Enterprises. His vision and dedication was an exceptional force in creating this project. [...]

Martin Tillman, musical director

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