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Marc Haldheer and his drums

 Selected Discography

Calhoun Conquer "Calhoun Conquer" (CSM Records 1988)
Insects "The Insects" (insecticide records 1988)
Fe & Males "Vienna Art Special" (Amadeo/Polygram 1992)
A different kind of Blue "Max Lässers Ark" (Impact Music 1992)
European Songbook "Vienna Art Orchestra" (Gig/Verve 1994)
Plays for Jean Cocteau "Vienna Art Orchestra" (Amadeo/Verve 1995)
Somewhere in the World "Word of Mouth" (Trova Recordings 1995)
Link "Raymond Theler" (Theler Production 1997)
Out Of Noises "EXIT" (TexitMusic 1997)
Lingo "Ambient Groove Artists" (musica helvetica 1997)
Roll 'm Easy "Mick Russell" (TexitMusic 2000)
In between Times "EXIT" (Legend Recordings 2000)
Vivian "Vivian" (BMG Ariola 2001)
Lauenen " EXIT" (TexitMusic 2001)
Sandbrot "Plastic Art Foundation" (Golton 2001)
Ocean of Love "April" (CSR Records 2001)
One life one soul (track 2 & 3) "Gotthard" (BMG Ariola 2002)
Paleo Festival Nyon 2002 "Tien Shan Schweiz Express" (EMI/Virgin 2002)
YUAN WEI "Xiao Jing Wang, Marc Halbheer, Theo Kapildis" (Marc Halbheer 2002)
Romance "KAAMA" (Alibi Records 2003)
Roeseligarten "Paralpin" (Musiques Suisse 2003)
kiné kinà kinò "Dodo Hug" (Hugini zyt 2003)
Line Square "Plastic Art Foundation" (Golton 2004)
The Ring 2 "Film Soundtrack Album" (DECCA 2005)
Andorra "Plastic Art Foundation" (Golton 2005)
Secrets "KAAMA" (Unit-Records 2005)
Escabur "Plastic Art Foundation" (Golton 2006)
Hapopsis "Yiotis Kiourtsoglou" (Libra 2006)
Into The Well "Phil McCammon" (Dreamquake Records 2007)
jazz-horch-x-tra "Christoph Muller" (altrissuoni 2007)
Kein Schöner Land "Christoph Baumann" (Musiques Suisse 2008)
Sounds from the Mountains "Bergtöne" (MUSIQUES SUISSES 2008)
Hoover "Istaman" (TexitMusic 2009)
Mood Swings "Marc Halbheer" (TexitMusic 2009)
Live at Moods "Eastern Eye " (Texitmusic 2012)


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