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 Trio Exit - Lior Yekutieli (Guitar/Composition)

Born 1964 in Haifa/Israel. From the age of twelve, Yekutieli performed successfully in concert, appeared in radio- and tv-shows and until he was eighteen regularely won the "American-Israel scholarship" for classical guitar. With the electric guitar he begun to develop great skills as an instrumentalist as well as a composer in the field of Jazz-music. In 1989 Yekutieli took a trip to Los Angeles (USA) and became friends with Scott Henderson, and among others recorded with Jeff Berlin. He toured with EXIT and other projects untill returning to Israel in 1993. Back home he joined the "Rami Kleinstein Band" for four years. Devoting more time and energy towards his own music became more important and for the past two years composing and performing for Exit has been his main focus.

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