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 Lauenen - Yiotis Kiourtsoglou (BASS/COMPOSITION )

Born in 1965 in Kozani/Greece. 
Kiourtsoglou studied jazz-harmony and theory with Theo Kapilidis and he was exposed to the traditional styles of Greek Folklore and the music of the Balkans.
In 1989 he attended the Musicians Institute (MI) in Los Angeles (USA). Gary Willis became his musical mentor and he learned from masters like Bob Magnuson and Jeff Berlin. Kiourtsoglou also perfomed live in many Clubs of LA.
After returning to Greece in 1990 he soon became the number one bassplayer of his country. Countless concerts with many of the Greek stars followed and he became a busy recording-artist. Kiourtsoglou toured with Many Boyd (Buddy Rich Band) and Dany Hayes (Dizzy Gillespie), appeared with Billy Hart and James Stublefield, Theo Kapilidis, Tillman and Ambient Groove Artists, David Lynch, Human Touch, EXIT and played on recordings with Trilok Gurtu.

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