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 Eastern Eye CD "Live at Moods in Zurich" 2012

Marc Halbheer (Drums)
Milcho Leviev (Piano)
Pantelis Stoikos (Trumpet/Kaval)
Yiotis Kiourtsoglou (Bass)

New recordings scheduled for fall 2016 in Thesaloniki (Gr)

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Eastern Eye unites three of the most prominent representatives of
the Balkan jazz-scene and Swiss drummer Marc Halbheer. The
outstanding Quartet plays a fascinating combination of jazz and the
music of southeast Europe.

Grammy Award winning pianist, composer and arranger Milcho Leviev is known as the “Godfather Of Balkan Jazz”. During his outstanding
career, innovation and brilliant ability as a pianist led him to work
with jazz-titans like Don Ellis, Art Pepper, Dave Holland, Roy Haynes,
Billy Cobham or Peter Erskine.

A pioneer in integrating the folkloric tradition of his country into
modern styles of music is the Greek bass player Yiotis Kiourtsoglou.
He influenced a lot of musicians in his region and might be the most
recorded Greek bass player.

The stunning trumpet and kaval player Pantelis Stoikos is a
discovery for all that did not hear him yet. The personal sound of the
young Greek musician is touching and comes across with great
authenticity. Critics have called him “Miles Davis of the Balkans”.

An open mind, flexibility, refined articulation and great sense for
dynamics characterize some of the qualities of Swiss drummer Marc
Halbheer, who originally initiated this Band. His collaborations with
Mathias Ruegg’s Vienna Art Orchestra or the world big band
TienShanSwiss Express led him to festivals and concert halls
around the globe.

The debut CD of Eastern Eye “Live at Moods in Zurich” was
recorded in March 2011 and has been released in February 2012 on
Texit Music.

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