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 Marc Halbheer's 5th Edition

Marc Halbheer (Drums/Composition/Leader)
Arild Andersen (Bass)
Christy Doran (Guitar)
Klaus Dickbauer (Reeds)
Robert Bachner (Trombone)

Confidence in Symmetry is bold yet nuanced, carefully crafted and free-flowing at once. Whatever mathematical formula Halbheer employs, it works a charm. With this consistently engaging work Halbheer emphatically announces his credentials as an exciting composer of original stamp.

Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

Concerts for 2015 are beeing scheduled.

Videos Marc Halbheer's 5th Edition live exerpts

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    "Confidence in Symmetry" was released on September 30th 2013 on TexitMusic / CadizMusic London

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