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 Marc Halbheer's 5th Edition - Marc Halbheer (Drums/Composition/Leader)

He was born in Zurich/Switzerland.

Soon it showed that his main area of interest was in music. The fascination for rhythm was obvious and during his early youth he discovered the passion for Drums. He continuously developed his skills and became a master on those instruments.

In the late eighties, Halbheer spent three years in Los Angeles (USA) where he studied with Ralph Humphrey and Ed Man, both members of the legendary band of Frank Zappa. He had opportunities to work with jazz-, latin- and popbands and played a lot of clubdates in southern California. During that time he also met his longtime musical pears Yiotis Kiourtsoglou (GR) and Lior Yekutieli (IL) with whom he founded the Trio Exit.

Upon his return to Zurich (CH), Halbheer became a busy drummer on the Swiss scene. He influenced and initiated a remarkable number of projects. An important part of his activity became the development of the drum department at the Jazz School Lucerne (CH) where he has a professorship and keeps teaching with great results.

In his artistic work, Marc Halbheer consequently follows the multiple aspects of music. He is interested in the stiles of different cultural backgrounds. While working with Greek musicians he became familiar with the music of the Balkans.

Touring with the TienShanSwiss-Express - this World Big Band assembled 20 artists from Kyrgyzstan, Khakasia (southern Siberia), Mongolia and central Europe gave him the opportunity to explore Asian traditions while. The successful appearances of the TSSE include concerts on festivals in Europe (a.m. Paleo Nyon, Forum 2004 Barcelona) and travelling through Central Asia and Mongolia.

Marc's history includes touring and recording internationally with Mathias Rüeggs Vienna Art Orchestra, TienShanSuisse Express, Christy Doran, Heiri Kaenzig, Martin Tillman, Arild Anderson, Milcho Leviev, Stacy Rowles, Frank Strazzeri, David Angel, Fernando Saunders, Lior Yekutieli, Tonhalle Orchester Zürich, Ambient Groove Artists, Christoph Baumann, Gotthard, Paralpin, u.v.m.

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