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 Gudimir, Wyrsch, Halbheer - Ethno Trance Trio - GUDIMIR (Maxim Anukhin) / RU (Gusli = Russische Zither / Vocals)

Born at the white sea in the north west of Russia is the most prominent representative of the Gusli (Russian Academic Zither). The Improviser, composer, storyteller and mysticís repertoire is fairly wide: Russian folk songs, children music & fairy tales, academic psaltery classical music, variations on themes of Indian ragas. The repertoireís core is the authorís own music composed by for Gusli.

GUDIMIR determines his style and music genre as trans / avangard. GUDIMIR is an author of his own efficient up-to-date teaching technique who started his own school of playing the psaltery. GUDIMIR successfully combines an active schedule of teaching, composing and performing activities. Currently GUDIMIR is studying traditional Indian music under an Indian singer and tabla executant - Ustad Gulfam Sabri, and integrating the new techniques into his music. The places where GUDIMIR has toured: Northern America, France, Germany, Chech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Bermudas and throughout Russia (central part, Siberia, Ural, Far East).

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