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 Marc Halbheer's Standard Edition - Alessandro d'Episcopo (Piano)

Alessandro d'Episcopo was born in Naples on February 1, 1959. Already at the age of 13, he decided to devote his life to music and to become a jazz musician.
He succeeded to graduate from high-school while at the same time he studied classical music at the conservatory of S. Pietro a Majella in Naples.

When he was 20, he moved to Milan, which at the time was the centre of the Italian Jazz. There he worked with musicians such as Tullio de Piscopo, Larry Nocella, Gigi Cifarelli, Chet Baker, Tony Scott, Gianni Basso, Billy Cobham, Toots Thielemans etc.

He played at various jazz festivals, e.g. Umbria Jazz, Clusone, S. Anna Arresi (Sardinia), Livorno, Cagliari and Genua. Together with Tullio de Piscopo he composed and recorded the music for Pasquale Squitieri's film "Naso di Cane" (RAI 1).

Since his early youth he was influenced by Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett as vivid examples of musical versatility and curiosity. At the age of 30, he went abroad to pursue his musical development and career, studying classical music under Rudolf am Bach in Zurich and Nina Tichman in Cologne. Concurrently, he attended courses of Thierry Lang at the conservatory of Montreux for two years, obtaining a diploma in Jazz Performance.

He always was - and still is - eager to explore all the various stylistic directions. Driven to go forward and to experience new dimensions, he studied Jazz Improvisation under Charly Banacos (Boston/USA) for many years.

His urge for musical freedom and his enthusiasm for experiments induce Alessandro to participate in most diverse events and to work together with different musicians like George Robert, Franco Ambrosetti, Marianne Racine, Benny Bailey, Peter Appleyard, etc.

Alessandro's musical versatility is reflected in his present work:

Playing with Jürg Morgenthaler in JMR4 as well as with Stefan Schlegel in Key Bone and with his own trio.
Teaching at the School of Jazz in St Gall as well as at the music school of Zug, and Jazz School Zurich.
Participating as Side Man in various CD recordings. In February 2002, he had his first CD recorded with his trio.

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