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 "Madrid Edition"- Flamenco Jazz - Yago Salorio / SP (Bass)

Yago Salorio was born in A Coru�a (Sp). Music loving parents and his brothers, two of them musicians, motivated him to choose the profession. In Madrid he graduated from the Escuela de M�sica Creativa, studying bass with Juan San Mart�n and composition & arranging with Miguel �ngel Blanco. His interest in exploring the fusion of Spain�s vast musical heritage and other traditions lead him to record and tour with Flamenco Jazz artists Andres Ola�gui, Francisco Molina, Paco del Pozo and Caco Senante, Juan Carlos Calder�n, Enjambres and different formations of Latin music. In 2005 he joined the band of Spanish singer Mal� and is playing the biggest venues and largest stadiums in his country ever since. His recent activities include recordings with Paco de Lucia�s nephew Jos� de Luc�a for his applauded debut CD, with flamenco trumpeter Enriquito for his live album Alcudia, with Canteca de Macao for the CDs Nunca es Tarde & Una Decada, with Amesmal�a or Ethnomada. He can be heard on several of Jorge Prado�s CDs and played with Jerry Gonz�lez & the Miguel Blanco Big Band. Together with long time musical partner Juli�n Olivares he started the recording studio Concomp�s where they continuously produce music for film and TV. For the last 10 years he keeps a steady Monday night gig in Madrid�s La Negra Tomasa.

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