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 "Madrid Edition"- Flamenco Jazz - Miguel Linares / SP (Guitar)

Miguel Linares was born in Paris (Fr). He discovers his passion for the guitar at a very early age. His career begins as he performs at guitar festivals in Vienna or Paris aside of well-known guitarists like Al Di Meola, Leo Brower, Serranito or Raphael Fays. He joins the company "Arte Flamenco" with Juan Maya "Marote" Chaquet�n & Antonio Reyes. Then he works for three years in Madrid�s popular tablao "Zambra", accompanying dancers like Crist�bal Reyes, Joaqu�n Cort�s, Adri�n Galia, Joaqu�n Grilo, and Antonio Canales. In Tokyo (JP) he works with the late dancer "Raul" at the famous tablao "El Flamenco� until he becomes part of the show "Flamenco Fusion" with Carles Benavent, Jorge Pardo, "La Susi" & "El Cigala". For seven years he stays with the successful "Flamenco Summit" aside artists such as Juana Amaya, Milagros Meng�bar, La Tati and Manuela Carrasco and works with "La Susi" in England. For his composition Orpheus he is awarded the first prize for best musical composition of the year 2000 at the choreographic contest of Spanish dance and flamenco. For the past years he was working with the company "Rafael Aguilar" touring around the world. Currently he leads the band "La Source" with violinist Raul Marquez and Sergio Martinez on percussion. In 2015 he published his album "Te lleva el aire" released on the Spanish label dulcimer songs.

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