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 "Madrid Edition"- Flamenco Jazz - Marc Halbheer / CH (Drums)

Marc Halbheer is born in Zurich (CH). As a young musician he spends time in Los Angeles (USA) to acquire professional experience and studies with members of the legendary Frank Zappa Band. Upon his return to Switzerland he follows the many aspects of the music of different cultures. He initiated a large number of projects and worked with musicians from all over the world. In addition to a busy performance schedule, a substantial part of his work was devoted to establishing the drum and rhythm department at the Musikhochschule in Lucerne (Ch). Recently he also focuses on composing and producing and founded the label Texit Music. He released �Confidence in Symmetry� with his quintet 5th Edition and �Live at Moods� with his quartet Eastern Eye, featuring legendary Bulgarian pianist Milcho Leviev. Marc Halbheer has worked with the Vienna Art Orchestra, Tien Shan Switzerland Express, Milcho Leviev, Arild Anderson, Stacy Rowles, Frank Strazzeri, David Angel, Nils Wogram, Christy Doran, Alex Wilson, Martin Tillman, Yiotis Kiourtsoglou, Lior Yekutieli, Pantelis Stoikos, Fernando Saunders, Christoph Baumann, Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich, Ambient Groove Artists.

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