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 Mick Russell

Leon Duncan (Bass)
Marc Halbheer (Drums)

Some time ago Mick began arranging some of his songs with two good friends, Marc Halbheer and Leon Duncan. After playing many gigs together on the swiss chitlin circuit it was obviously time to get the music on record. The stories, the voice and that talking guitar sound provided the source, a recipe for a very hot dish! Just add some steamy backbeat drums, some highly spiced caribien bass grooves and Mix it well! Cooking all of that for two days in a small studio we got out with twelve songs, some exiting sounds and a lot of great feelings, like the taste of a good wine.

A few months later and with many tales to tell, the magic of the first sessions was still fresh; time to move on.

PowerPlay studios was the catalyst for bringing together the final ingredients. Guest musicians, picking upon the vibes got inspired to contribute some beautifull sounds. Everything begins to shine. So, let me invite you to take a ride through a musical picture book, stories from life, fresh like the rhythm of the rain. Enjoy the music of Mick Russell and the band ...Santé

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