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 Mick Russell - Marc Halbheer (Drums)

Born in Zurich/Switzerland. 
In the mid-eighties he appeared regularely in Zurich's - at the time - most famous Jazzclub "Bazillus" and worked with all the exponents of the local music-scene. In 1988, in Los Angeles (USA) he studied with topdrummers like Ralph Humphrey, Joe Porcaro or the longtime Frank Zappa-bandmember Ed Man.
On his return to Zurich in 1991 Halbheer soon became one of the busiest drummers on the scene. Since 1992 he has a professorship for drums and rhythm at the Jazzschool Luzern. Halbheer's history also includes touring and recording internationaly with bands like: Mathias Rüegg's Vienna Art Orchestra ; Mixed Blood (GB); EXIT; Tillman and Ambient Groove Artists; John Voirol's Flow'n-Jazz; Heiri Känzig; Christy Doran and many more.

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