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 Yuan Wei

Marc Halbheer (Drums/Hand And Pedalpercussions)
Theodoros Kapildis (Guitars)
Xiao Jing Wang (Erhu/Vocals)

YUAN WEI - Original Taste

The ensemble created around the mysterious sounds of the Chinese violin Erhu, masterfully played by the renowned soloist, XIAO JING WANG, from the Republic of China.

A new star rises on the "Worldmusic" scene

Music which does not rely exclusively on traditional "western" instruments, harmonies or rhythms is often classified as "Worldmusic". More and more, musical influences from Latin America, Africa and the Arab world are establishing themselves in the listening habits of western audiences.

The last few years have also seen a variety of soloists and ensembles emerge from the Middle East, the former Eastern Bloc countries and Central Asia. Chinese music however, was played and heard relatively seldom.

The idea of XIAO JING WANG (internationally known also for her work with Andreas Vollenweider, to be heard on his double CD "Cosmopoly") to bring the vast musical traditions of her homeland China to bear on the fascinating "melting pot" of Worldmusic, originated already quite some time ago.

Her idea took form and became reality in the summer months of 2001 when she started to experiment with the Swiss drummer and percussionist, MARC HALBHEER, and with the Greek guitar player, THEODOROS KAPILIDIS. Together they started to develop a repertoire based on this concept.

What is the music of YUAN WEI ?

Spring is the season that best describes the music of YUAN WEI: Fresh and full of vigour, it generates both warmth and confidence. Predominantly instrumental, the music of Yuan Wei evokes strong floral imagery.

The Chinese violin, known as the Erhu, is a very fragile instrument with a cup-like resonance box covered with snakeskin, and a violin bow fixed between only two strings. Although its melodic sound usually evokes soft atmospheres, the Erhu can produce surprisingly vital and brilliant playing. YUAN WEI has therefore created several compositions that are both graceful and sentimental, yet full of surprises with energetic peaks.

True to its Worldmusic genre, YUAN WEI14s compositions incorporate many musical influences. The distinct tunes and rhythms of the Balkans, for example, are clearly perceptible, fascinating the listener in how the music of such disparate cultures can merge so smoothly.

Stylistic boundaries dissolve within the unlimited sound range of drums and percussion instruments, and the musical landscape evokes a mood that is at once peaceful and melancholy. It is a sound that will charm a wide range of listeners.

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