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 Yuan Wei - Theodoros Kapildis (Guitars)

THEO KAPILIDIS was born in Stavroupolis, near Xanthi in the north of Greece. At a very early age, he started to play Greek folk music in his father's band, where he became familiar also with traditional music from the Balkans.

At the age of twelve, Theo started taking lessons in classical guitar. Later he became more interested in Jazz and he travelled to Bern, Switzerland, where he studied at the Swiss Jazz School. He successfully graduated in 1985.

Back in Greece, Theo worked as a studio musician for Greek radio and television. He frequently performed in concerts and also held a teaching post at the School of Contemporary Music in Thessaloniki. His talent and his abilities have placed him among Greece's most outstanding musical personalities.

Since 1991, Theo has lived in Switzerland, where he is currently an instructor at the department of Jaaz at the Zurich conservatory. He has participated in various musical projects, including "Heiri K”nzigs Ethno Netto", "John Voirol¥s Flow¥n Jazz", to name but a few.

His great commitment to music shows clearly, both in his expression of sincerity and in his innovative spirit.

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