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 Yuan Wei - Marc Halbheer (Drums/Hand And Pedalpercussions)

MARC HALBHEER was born in Zurich, Switzerland. From an early age, it became clear that his talent lay with music. He quickly discovered a passion for drums and has since consistently worked on becoming a master on these and other percussion instruments.

In 1988 Marc went to Los Angeles where he studied with teachers such as Ralph Humphrey and Ed Man (both long-term band members of Frank Zappa). During that time he deepened his friendship with Martin Tillman (CH) and met Yiotis Kiourtsoglou (GR) and Lior Yekutieli (IL), who became long-standing fellow musical travellers.

In 1991 Marc returned to Zurich, where he assumed a post as lecturer for drums and rhythmics at Lucerne's college of music (MHS Lucerne Faculty III) in 1992. He constantly pushes the envelope in musical creativity, and has initiated a remarkable number of musical projects.

Marc also maintains a very busy performing schedule. As an on-stage and studio performer, he has played with the Vienna Art Orchestra of Matthias R¸egg, EXIT, Tillman and Ambient Groove Artists, with John Voirol¥s Flow¥n Jazz, Heiri Kaenzig, Christy Doran, and many others.

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