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 Yuan Wei - Xiao Jing Wang (Erhu/Vocals)

XIAO JING WANG, from Nanjing, China has played the Erhu, the traditional two-stringed Chinese violin, since she was eight. Her studies at the conservatory of Nanjing also covered classical violin and piano.

After graduating, Xiao Jing became a performing artist, first touring in China and later giving concerts around the world. She made several recordings for radio and television, including for Swiss TV and radio programs (SF DRS and Radio DRS).

For the past several years, Xiao Jing has lived in Switzerland. During this time, she developed many musical friendships that have also greatly influenced her compositions. For instance, her work with Andreas Vollenweider (CH) and Djivan Gasparian, the Armenian Duduk player, have flavoured her musical style. As a result, her musical creations are not limited to traditional Chinese music. She considers herself a student of what is known as "Worldmusic", which incorporates musical influences from many different cultures.

Xiao Jing is considered a virtuoso on the Erhu. On the two strings of her instrument, she takes her audience on a musical tour, spanning South China to Mongolia, covering traditions established in the Tang-dynasty right into the present.

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